Back To School 2015

Hello Fans,
I have exiting news! 
New merchandise has been added to the website.

We are now offering spiral, and hardcover notebooks. The spiral version is available with 'ruled line' and 'graph' paper. And the hardcover notebook has 'blank' paper in addition.
The notebooks come in 9 different designs.

In our Bags section we now offer Drawstring Bags and Totes will come soon in 3 different sizes.

Of course all of this is part of our 2015 Back-To-School sale, the sale starts Friday July 24 2015 and lasts until August 15 2015.

You will receive a 15% discount on all bags & notebooks when you enter BTS2015 at checkout.

Universal Sunset (2015) 

Independence Day sale

With Independence Day happening this weekend, I made changes to the storefront to accommodate new merchandise and broaden our sortiment. I'm expanding to include wall art and fine prints. 

I added device cases and art prints on wood. And I'm busy to add fine art prints and canvas prints. 

But what would Independence Day be without a good sale? 

And this is why we are offering free shipping on all orders of $35 and above! 

Just enter the code IND4DS at checkout.


'Departure' was a small work I did earlier this year.

'Departure' was a small work I did earlier this year.

New Endeavors

In the next 2-3 weeks we will have exciting new products in the store. I will expand the store to include phone covers for iPhones and Galaxy. With designs by Justus you'll have a unique case for your phone.

They will be up just in time to take advantage of the 4th of July sale. You can look forward to a whole day of free shipping on all orders of $80 or more.

Stay tuned for the coupon code. 

Study for a sea Lily. 

Study for a sea Lily. 

Upcoming store opening

In less than 24 hours my new store will go online. The closer I get the more nervous I get. Hoping that I haven't forgotten anything important.  

The one thing I have not forgotten is to make sure that there is a coupon available for everyone during the first four days of business. In case you haven't connected to us on Facebook here is the code: 

FBGO4D 5% off on any order  !  Valid 5/28/15 through 5/31/15 only.

I hope to hear from you in the days and weeks to come. Feel free to send me email or commenting on my Blurps.  To connect with us on Facebook, like us here.


This is a small image that I've done a while ago based on a photo taken at the San Diego Zoo.  

This is a small image that I've done a while ago based on a photo taken at the San Diego Zoo.  

Additions to the site

I'm in the process of scanning the negatives from my days of shooting on film. During the next couple weeks I will bring some new galleries online possibly as a new index.

Point Loma (1996) is the first to be published.

Concrete tag in Ocean Beach, California (1996)

Concrete tag in Ocean Beach, California (1996)


In case you have visited my galleries and looked for a particular image on my marketplace but couldn't find it send me a request using the contact form.  I will try to make all art available for purchase eventually.  

Like Surf The Future on Facebook and receive updates about new artwork becoming available in the marketplace and on the website. 

Ghost at Pierce Point